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Message from George Magrath:

Over 80% of blindness is preventable.

Welcome to my fundraising page for Unite for Sight! All donations are solely used to provide eye care such as cataract surgery and routine eye exams for the wonderful people of Ghana.

Ashley and I will be traveling to Ghana for the month of August, and we expect to see hundreds of patients and do dozens of surgeries. Each surgery costs only $50. What a small price to pay to restore the vision of another person! Check out Ashley's site as well:

Vision is our most valuable sense, one that we don't fully appreciate until we have seen it taken away from someone else. Cataract formation is one of the most common cause of vision loss in the third world. To the victim, it is like placing a fog or haze over their eyes, making even the most mundane tasks hard to accomplish. This is devastating in a third world country where self reliance is key to survival. The life span of a blind person in a third world country is substantially decreased.

With $50 and 20 minutes a cataract can be completely cured, restoring vision to the patient and allowing the resumption of normal life. What a great gift to give.

Thanks for your support, I can't think of a better way to spend $50 than to give someone the gift of sight. With 80% of blindness preventable, we have a lot of work to go and need all the help we can get.
80% of blindness is preventable, and 31 million are needlessly blind. 100% of your donation will provide eye care to patients living in extreme poverty.

Unite For Sight maintains the highest standard for financial responsibility, and we focus on financial ethics, efficiency, and resource maximization. 100% of all donations go directly to providing eye care for patients living in extreme poverty. Our financial model bests other nonprofits by a wide margin. For more information about donating, see: Donation FAQs

Unite For Sight is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and will provide a receipt allowing you to claim a tax deduction as allowed by United States law. Unite For Sight holds your privacy in the highest regard and does not share your personal information with any third parties.

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